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STEM meets Hollywood: STEM Careers in the Entertainment Industry

In this post we are sharing some STEM careers in the entertainment industry

Drone Technician - A drone technician is someone who repairs drones when they are faulty and also makes sure that they are working properly. Some technicians also install software on drones as well as program drones. A drone, more technically known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) or Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) is widely used in the entertainment industry. Drones are used in commercials, documentaries, feature films, basically almost any filmed production these days that requires either an aerial shot or a specific shot that a cameraman is unable to get.

Education: To become a drone technician, most people have a certificate or a college degree and also experience working with drones. According to ziprecruiter, many drone technicians obtain degrees in IT, computer science or an engineering field. It was also reported that you can also attend a trade school to become a drone technician.

3D printing engineer - A 3D printing engineer is someone who operates a 3D printer. A 3D printing engineer should be able to use the 3D printer computer aided software to create and should also be able to know which materials are suitable to use.

In the entertainment industry, 3D printers are widely used in set design and also in making props.

Education: To become a 3D printing engineer most people go to college and obtain a degree in engineering

3D motion capture technician - 3D motion capture involves using live action footage to create animations. This involves an actor wearing a bodysuit covered in tracking dots, which corresponds to key positions in computer generated image (CGI) models. Many animated movies, television shows as well as video games are created using 3D motion capture. According to Ziprecruiter, 3D motion capture technicians help supervise a motion capture project, guide actors, maintain the cameras and other technology, or use captured footage in various ways.

Education: Most motion capture technicians have bachelor's degrees in computer science or animation.

Scientific Consultant - A scientific consultant is someone who advises and provides consultation services on scientific matters. In sci-fi movies and other movies/shows that involve scientific concepts, a scientific consultant is usually used. Although many have stated that scientific consultants in entertainment have been doing the work pro bono, there are lucrative career opportunities available as a Hollywood scientific consultant.

Education: Most scientific consultants have a PhD

Stunt coordinator - A stunt coordinator arranges and manages those movie scenes of crashing cars, dangerous action sequences, or even people hanging from a helicopter, etc. The main focus for this entertainment industry employee is safety and requires working closely with the special effects technicians and stunt performers. (-STEMJobs)

Education: There is no standard educational requirement for a stunt coordinator, but understanding of engineering and machine operation is helpful in working out the details of a stunt. - information is from

Computer Animator - A computer animator designs and creates animations for film, tv, videogames etc using computer software.

Education: There is no formal educational requirement, however many computer animators are able to use various computer softwares and have some knowledge of graphic design

Music data analyst - A music data analyst works with music industry executives to use music data to make predictions on future music trends. A music industry analyst could be working to discover the next hot artist, identifying core demographics for a concert venue or festival, or using sales data to identify a label artist's next career move. -

Education: The education needed to become a music data analyst varies however coding skills and advanced excel skills are a big plus

Doctors and Nurses - Many tv and film productions keep doctors and nurses on set as part of the crew in case of medical emergencies. People in the entertainment industry also tend to have private doctors and nurses.

Education: Medical/Nursing School


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