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Welcome to GlamScience, home of the GlamSci magazine

GlamScience is for future scientists and scientists who feel that science is made to seem so bland and boring. This is especially for all the girls who feel discouraged from becoming a scientist because scientists are such “unglamorous people who work in an unglamorous profession”. This brand is not just meant to showcase how wonderful science is; but also uplift, encourage and inspire girls that science is awesome and being a scientist can be glamorous. The ultimate goal of GlamScience is to help girls and women glamorously navigate their scientific journey. We also hope to provide valuable resources and content to help girls and women excel in science. This platform is also a way to amplify the voices and stories of women in science that are often overlooked.


GlamSci Magazine is under the GlamScience brand and we want this online magazine to be a one stop shop for girls and women in the scientific community. We want to use the magazine to inspire, give advice, tips, teach, offer style guides and so much more. GlamSci Magazine is an online magazine created by scientists for scientists. All of our content and each piece we write is specifically tailored towards girls and women in science. 


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