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Meet the Team

Ifeoma Azinge founder of GlamScience
Ifeoma (E-fo-ma) is currently an NIH-PREP scholar at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is studying the possible role of the cerebellum in modulating social behaviors. 

She is currently getting ready to begin her PhD in neuroscience at Brown University as part of the NIH-Brown Graduate Partnership Program.

Ifeoma loves all things beauty and fashion and also enjoys reading books. Outside of science, she is currently working on achieving fluency in French and hopes to take the DELF exam to be certified as fluent French speaker. She also enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. She can be found on instagram @msfefe__. 



Team Member

Eleni is a sassy chemical engineer who is known for her big, curly hair, and her love for unique earrings and bright eye makeup. She recently completed her PhD in the areas of chemical engineering, materials science and biocatalysis. She also holds an MSc on sustainable engineering and an MEng in chemical engineering.
During her academic studies she got involved with numerous extra curricular activities, such as community outreach, public engagement, teaching, and active participation in societies and networks. Currently, she is transitioning away from active research, being a part time teaching assistant on employability and a freelance scientific writer.
You can find her on LinkedIn (Eleni Routoula), Instagram (@curleni), or Twitter (@EleniRoutoula), where she enjoys talking about her academic experiences and helping others by sharing useful tips on various research or academic related subjects. 
Darsh is  a biomedical sciences undergrad who has loved all aspects of science for as long as she can remember. She is a research assistant at MaRs, where she collaborates on breast cancer research where her research group specifically looks at EGFR.

From a young age she was always interested in social justice and the inequalities people face due to trivial things such as the color of their skin or their gender. As she grew up and entered the field of science, her passion for social justice translated into promoting the representation of women in science. She has held conferences that recognize the contributions of women in science in the hopes of inspiring younger women.

In the future, she wants to change the perception of what "women in science" look like, so that it is inclusive of all types of women. Outside of biology, she is a food enthusiast, skincare connoisseur and a total physics geek.

Team Member

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Contributing Writer

Beth Thompson, BSc (Hons), MRes – Beth is currently in the third year of her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool, UK; specialising in HIV and COVID-19 drug clinical trials. She has a Bachelors degree in Genetics and a Master of Research degree in Advanced Biological Sciences (Molecular Oncology).

Her PhD project is focused around the development of novel methods for quantification of HIV/COVID-19 drug concentrations in various patient samples from different matrices i.e. dried blood spots, plasma etc.

She is very passionate about pushing the stereotypes women in STEM face, which is why she became a contributing writer for Glam Science!

Sheyla Aviles is currently a high school student with a drive and passion for STEM Outreach & Advocacy for minorities (especially Latino youth). Aside from her dedication to activism, she’s an active member of Botsquad Robotics, SWEnext, and much more. Through her love for makeup and Engineering, she hopes to highlight the strength and beauty of Women in STEM, inspiring young girls to conquer the industry!

Contributing Writer

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