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Here you will find a list of Postbac programs in the United States as well as their location and what each program is ideal for (eg PhD, MD, engineering students etc.). The best way to use this list is to first look at what each program is ideal for then look at the location of each programs and that will help narrow your search for a Postbac Program. You can click on the name of each program and the link will take you directly to the program website. Hope you enjoy this list and find it helpful!

We know that many people in our community love reading books and to ensure that we continue to do our part to support #blacklivesmatter, we want to amplify the voices of Black women authors. We have created a book list of 100 books by Black female authors from all over the world. From sci-fi to romance to mystery to non-ficiton, any book genre you like to read, we have a book by a Black woman that you will absolutely love! All of the books listed are by different authors so in addition to checking out the book, discover more books by each author. Happy Reading!

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