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Fashion, Beauty and Technology Consulting: An Interview Zahra Nia

picture of Zahra Nia wearing a blue shirt

Meet Zahra Nia who is an Iranian chemistry major turned full time technology consultant that currently lives in London. Zahra attended Queen Mary University in London and graduated with a degree in chemistry. She made the switch from chemistry to tech and is currently a full time technology consultant. Keep reading to learn more about Zahra.

picture of Zahra Nia

What do you do currently?

I’m a full time technology consultant. My team and I work with clients to solve their problems by building system for them using Technology such as CRM softwares like Salesforce. Half of my role is tech & the other consulting – so this fits very well into my hobby meeting new people.

How/Why did you decide to do what you do currently?

I researched Tech and found is so exciting – that there’s something new happening all the time. I love this and wanted to be a part of it. I also love how there’s always a learning opportunity in Tech.

What are some of your hobbies?

I adore cooking, pilates & listening to music of all kinds. I actually really love 90’s hip hop which surprises some people! I also love interacting & meeting new people – in both my professional & personal life. A major new hobby of mine is creating Science content on Instagram (@itszahrania) – I love presenting Science topics in an easily understandable & entertaining way!

Zahra Nia

Did you feel that you were supported in your decision to go into Science/Tech?

I’m blessed to have a supportive family – I was one of the first people to go into STEM in my family and they were always supportive. Growing up Iranian, my parents always put a big emphasis on education but also on doing something you love. I’m grateful for them.

When did you become interested in STEM?

It was really when I was around 10 – I loved that there was a science behind absolutely everything and this intrigued me. I also remember a chemistry teacher doing a titration and the pretty colour changes must have sparked an interest in me! Gosh, I sound so nerdy…well I am haha! I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Zahra Nia

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong in STEM because of your interest in fashion and beauty? If so, how do you deal with it?

Let’s be real here – we all judge. I think people assume females in STEM should be very just focused on that. I want to show that women, all women are not two dimensional, we can have lots of interests and all of them are valid. I’m very feminine and love fashion and beauty! I always have – it’s something I get from my mother. I adore looking girly and some people have said they always assumed women in STEM would be more masculine and not care about fashion/beauty. But I love the Glam Science platform and so many more like it which are breaking those silly stereotypes – there are all types of women in STEM and we ALL belong and are capable individuals.

Have you ever had a situation where someone did not believe that you were in STEM? Tell us about it!

Yes! Several, haha.

There was a time when I was giving a talk on entering the Tech industry and someone assumed I was an assistant to the “man” giving the talk. I assured them I was that “man” when I got up on stage to speak. I just smiled and saw their shocked face.

Zahra Nia

What advice would you give to girls who feel that STEM isn’t for them because of the stereotypes of what a scientist should be?

I’d say – look at Glam Science! There’s a place for ALL girls in STEM. If you love learning are hard working – then you qualify! Looks have nothing to do with it and you can be as interested in Fashion & Beauty as you like. A quote I live by is by another powerful woman. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Guess who it’s by? 😉

Any last thoughts?

As mentioned above - I love communicating science & tech in a fun, easy way and make videos and reels on Instagram @itszahrania. I love breaking down science to everyone to show that STEM shouldn’t intimidate you and that learning can be incredibly fun. I want to show that science isn’t just a subject you’re tolerating just to pass in school – its wonderful & can explain everything!

I’ve made videos such as the “Science behind attraction”, the science behind your morning cup of coffee & lots more!


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