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Check out our candid conversations section where we talk about real issues that we face as girls and women in science! 

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Why Pursue a Graduate Degree..or Two?

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An Interview with Nicole Swatton: Navigating college as a girl in STEM, interning at NASA and More!


Grad School is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Image by Matt Howard

Success is a Journey, not a Destination

The Symbiotic History of Humans and Microbes – A Letter From E. coli


Science is For Everyone: How to Make Science More Accessible to Those With Diverse Abilities

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About GlamScience

GlamScience is for future scientists and scientists  who feel that science is made to seem so bland and boring. This is especially for all the girls who feel discouraged from becoming a scientist because scientists are such “unglamorous people who work in an unglamorous profession”. 

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Women in science do incredible things and make significant contributions to the scientific world, that often go overlooked. There are so many women who are scientists out there who do so many things outside of science and their stories need to be told.    

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Who we are

GlamScience is a brand focused on helping girls and women glamorously navigate their scientific journey.

what we do

The GlamScience brand uses various creative ways to provide relatable and valuable content for girls and women in science, in order to help them succeed. 

why we do it

Our goal is to break stereotypes and provide representation for girls and women in science. We also intend to provide valuable resources and information in order to help girls and women excel in science.


We want to develop a connected community for girls and women in science. Somewhere that they can come and know that they are not alone on their scientific journey.

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